From Aircrafts to Exotic cars

Ontario Crime Scene Services was recently contacted for a auto cleaning in Toronto. I know seems like a boring cleaning but “wait for it” … It was a $400,000 McLaren! A car worth more than some peoples homes. It wasn’t a easy cleaning believe me every screw every piece had to be ordered from the manufacturer so simply just taking the seats out wasn’t a option. There was special tools and extreme knowledge of the vehicle was needed. Thankfully we were able to clean at the site with authorized staff to guide us through it. Simply putting a scratch in the car would have cost us our pay checks! Computer screens / heated seats /┬ácontrols everywhere you cant just start wiping things with chemicals. After 3 days of precise cleaning we were finally done and relieved it was just as nerve racking as cleaning a airplane which we have cleaned before. With hundreds of little buttons and pilot screens cleaning a plane is just as difficult. With┬áSpecial anti glare tint on the windows windex isn’t a option and cabin filters in and out its crazy small in a cockpit. Anti lint clothes and special chemicals that wont make the buttons stick is very tedious work. That being said I have to admit it was very COOL experience which most people will never get to see or do. At the end of the day I really love my job!!!