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All our services are delivered with the utmost care, compassion and discretion. We service all of Ontario (24/7) and on-site estimates are provided at no charge or obligation. Please contact us if you have a special need that is not listed.

Package #1

  • Our standard bio-hazard package includes cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the entire affected site.

Package #2

  • This package includes everything in Package #1 as well as content removal. We will dispose all of the site contents.

Package #3

  • This package includes everything in Package #2 as well as repairing of walls, flooring and other structures.

Cleaning Services

Our professional and well trained staff offer a variety of biohazard and crime scene cleaning services. Click on a service below to expand and view details.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one and the circumstances of their death can be overwhelming for any family. Our highly trained staff will work as diligently and as discretely as possible to return the site back to its original condition.

All our vehicles are un-marked, to protect the privacy of our clients.

When a vehicle theft occurs it can be a traumatic event for the owner of the vehicle. Often times when the police recover the vehicle it can contain drug and paraphernalia left behind by the persons who are responsible for the theft. Many different types of drugs such as fentanyl / carfentanil / cocaine / marijuana and smoke odour are most commonly found inside.

Our team has worked directly with some of the biggest companies including CARSTAR / PHAFF AUTO GROUP / ASSURED AUTO / and PERFORMACE AUTO GROUP. Our team will provide a extensive cleaning and odour remediation as well as a  certificate of cleaning.

Properties affected by mould require specialized clean-up procedures and equipment.

Our technicians are qualified for level 3 mould removal and use the latest technologies to assure that your property is returned to a safe environment.
After a serious accident, vehicle cleaning can be a daunting and difficult task.

A proper, thorough and professional cleaning will prevent workers from being exposed to blood borne pathogens.
Forensics residue can be found at many crime scenes including home invasions, robberies and break-and-enters. Forensics never disclose what substances or methods they use during an investigation of a scene.

Professional cleaning is required to remove the specialized chemicals and substances left behind.
Unattended death is the term used to indicate when a person passes away and the body is not found for a long period of time, or decomposition.

Our qualified team has the expertise required to completely sanitize the affected areas and return the property back to a livable area.
Wildlife and other animals such as bats, rats, racoons, squirrels, and in some cases even skunks can intrude into your home causing damage to your attic, shingles, soffits, electrical wiring and overall building structure.

More importantly, the feces these pests leave behind carry toxic bacteria can be extremely dangerous to humans. Professional cleaning can safely remove these threats and make your home safe again.
A distressed property, or that of a hoarder, poses many safety and health risks.

Our team will work with the family, homeowner, landlord, bank, and/or related authorities to clear out and clean the property to make it safe again. We separate all valuables, heirloom and sentimental items and return them back to the family.

We deal directly with city officials to remove the “Order to Remedy Unsafe Building” notice and provide a plan for remediation of the site.
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